NIRF 2019




The Government College for Men, Kurnool was established in the year 1971. The Department of physics was established in the year 1993. The built up area of the department is 2000 sft, that comprises a staff room, Optics lab and General lab. Dr. N.L.S. Vidyasagar, the best teacher awardees, headed the department at the time of inception


  • To impart quality based science education and maintain academic standards and excellence to achieve global competence.
  • Promotion of scientific culture, inculcation of scientific temper, scientific spirit, scientific thinking, scientific approach and   way of life.
  • To foster creativity and innovation that leads to the prosperity through social responsibility.


  • To provide conceptual knowledge of the subject with applications and its day to day relevance.
  • Enhancing the understanding of the subject through multimedia, ICT and AV aids.   
  • To create a congenial   environment to extract self expression of technical skills and talents.
  • To Motivate and inspire students to promote them into higher studies and research

Highlights of the department

  1.  No: of Doctorates:                                                      04
  2. No: of faculty qualified SET:                                      02
  3. No: of publications:                                                     45
  4. No: of MANA TV live presenters:                              01
  5. No: of LMS presenters:                                               01
  6. Fellow of A.P Academy of Sciences:                          01
  7. Life member of Indian science congress Association: 01 
  8. Offers PG course in physics.