NIRF 2019

1.Brief History of the Department 


The Department of Political Science was established in 1971,since then  it has emerged itself as one of the Excellent Department in terms of strength of the students both UG  level, as well as in providing infrastructure viz; fully computerized Department, with all office files and  Registers, printed notes posted in Department Blog and web site All teaching materials,, PPT module for  all chapters for all 6 semesters are posted , department has successfully conducted two national seminars one on “Regionalism and National Integration-Challenges and Prospects” infeb 24th 2015and other on “Globalization A Strategy towards Women Empowerment” in September 24th and 25th2016, and an International Seminar on Topic-“ International Terrorism and Women Trafficking- Challenges and Policy Options”on Jan31st &01 Feb 2019 and other Activities includes conducting Census surveys, Group Discussions, Students projects, Debates and youth forums  etc;

2.Deparmental Vision and Mission :



  1. “Preparing students to live wisely,” is the mission of the Department of Political science
  2. The Political Science Department seeks to provide students with a learning experience that will equip them to face the challenges of an increasingly complex job market and prepare them to become active and engaged citizens at the local, national and international levels.
  3. The Political Science course provides students with a broad-based political education that is grounded in the field's theoretical traditions. This includes a strong background in the fundamental branches of our discipline: Indian politics, comparative politics, international politics, political theory and public administration.
  4. Political Science students acquire practical experience and develop connections in the community through a variety of legal internships.
  5. Our extracurricular activities, such as students surveys, field trips, help students become engaged in local politics. Students gain abilities to critically assess contemporary political events and identify practical solutions to social problems.
  6. Political Science students develop analytical and methodological skills that will serve them well regardless of their chosen profession.


  1. Training India’s future political and civic leaders
  2. To make better citizens of India
  3. To empower students  with latest current events, and burning issues and make them competent to appear in any competitive spheres of life.

 Ultimately, the Philosophy Program seeks to prepare students to deal with the complexities of life, which offers challenges that are often neither simple nor obvious






















           1. Planning to give PPT teaching for 3 years entire syllabus.

           2 .printed notes made available in internet.

  • THE Department of Political science conducted e- Assignments, to orient students towards INTERNET-based skills,
  • ONLINE COURSE Development and content creation by  websource like youtube videos
  • . Free coaching for all competitive service
  • All recent notifications of competitive exams displayed
  • The Department successfully enrolled entire staff and students in online MOOCS SWAYAM courses and endeavor’s to create a course on Indian constitution
  • The Department has successfully conducted students survey census programme in near by villages
  • The Department is conducting ‘FREDOM OF EXPRESSION FORUM’ for Students to express their opinion on any current political development displayed on the notice board.
  •  The Department is arranging classes for the final year students to take classes for the Ist year to raise the confidence  of the students to pursue the teaching as their career in future