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Welcome to Capacity Enhancement Schemes


Number of capability enhancement and development schemes

  1. Guidance for Competitive examinations
  2. Career counseling
  3. Soft skill development
  4. Remedial coaching
  5. Language lab
  6. Bridge courses
  7. Yoga and meditation
  8. Personal Counseling




Competitive Exams

Identifying the aspirations of students to pass certain competitive exams the college organizes sessions providing guidance for competitive exams by inviting experts from other institutions. The College library houses a good collection of competitive exams books and material. Employment news paper is also regularly subscribed to keep them abreast with various opportunities. These platforms help and motivate our students in their preparations.

Career Counseling

Realizing the importance of students being satisfied with their careers the college organizes career counseling sessions department or course wise. Industry experts and counselors are invited to enlighten and discuss various suitable career options available so that students can explore and identify their areas of interest.

Soft Skill Development

Identifying the need for developing soft skills and strengthened by the feedback of industry experts the college arranges for programmes and provides opportunities for soft skill development. The college works for grooming students making them not just industry ready but as well for successful living.

Language lab

A language lab in the institution caters to the needs of language department. The provision of systems and headgears facilitates them to follow the audio video lessons to develop their language and accent. The various sessions are designed to test and improve their language proficiency.

Remedial coaching

These classes are organized after identifying academically weak students. The departments facilitate tutorials or remedial sessions based on slow learners performance in internal examinations or external examinations. The students are also assigned with assignments at regular intervals of time to enhance their performance

Bridge courses

The students joining the program from different streams face difficulty in understanding the concepts. Such students are identified by the concerned subject teacher through interactive sessions or tests and are advised to attend the bridge course. The bridge course is then organized for such students covering a syllabus that bridges the gap of knowledge to be possessed for pursuing the program with ease.

Yoga and meditation

A powerful Meditation helps find the inner strength, wisdom, and confidence to live each day with clarity. Understanding this need of the hour, for the younger generation the college has made provisions for a meditation centre. Pious meditation centre is a hall provided for the students to experience a serene atmosphere to meditate and develop inner strength, confidence levels and concentration. Apart from this college has organized yoga awareness sessions and celebrates International Yoga Day

Personal Counseling

The staff of the College provide personal counseling to address the psychological & social issues of students like suicide prevention stress management whenever need arises. Parent teacher meetings are held regularly and feedbacks from them is used in understanding students in better way. Home visits are made by the counselors whenever required to provide personnel counseling services to students and parents.